EMS Player Of The Month: Lindsey Fox

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Achieving the Kentucky State Diving Champion title while only being a sophomore in high school, Lindsey Fox is proudly Egelston-Maynard Sports’ Player of the Month.  lindsay1

Lindsey began swimming in the third grade, however, she began competing seriously in middle school. As an eighth grader at Woodland Middle School she was already competing at the high school level for Scott. As an eighth grader, Lindsey competed in the state championship and placed an impressive fifth place. As a freshman for Scott, Lindsey took home fifth place again.

However, sophomore year would be a year Lindsey Fox would never forget. After hours of practice week after week, Lindsey’s hard work finally paid off. Lindsey won first place in the Kentucky State Diving Championship.

“I felt extremely relieved once I won. There had been a lot of pressure on me but winning state was the best feeling”- Lindsey Fox

“As her parents, her mother and I are very proud. Lindsey has put in a lot of hard work and we’re thrilled that her hard work has accomplished great things.” -Sam Fox, Lindsey’s father.

When Lindsey isn’t in the water, she’s either playing volleyball, riding horses or hanging with friends. Her favorite class is art. Lindsey’s future goals include attending either UK or EKU for diving.



Coach, I Wish I Would Have Told You…


There were multiple times I dreaded coming to your practices. There were days when I didn’t want to hear your commands. There were times that I wanted to quit, however, looking back on our seasons together, I’m so glad I didn’t. In fact coach, I wish I would have told you this…

#1 Thanks For Pushing Me Beyond What I Imagined

Although I thought you were a bit extreme making us run suicide after suicide, I took away something valueable from your intense training. Thank you for showing me that I’m capable of pushing myself beyond my own personal limits. Without your constant dscn6133_w540motivation and support I wouldn’t have reached new heights and limits that I’ve accomplished today.





#2 Thanks For Seeing My Full Potential

I clearly remember in practices and games hearing you yell ” You got this, come on, come soccer-1-fbon, there ya go buddy! Great job!” You were that great coach who lost their voice multiple times during the season because of your loud support, encouragement, and passion your players full potential to be met.




#3 Thanks For Teaching Me Life Lessons

Although a lot of the phrases you said were cliche, I’m so glad you repeated them over and over, for those phrases relate to my life today. You taught me multiple life lessons, almost as much as my parents did.   For example, when you said “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” or ” No pain, no gain!”.  The best coaches teach you more than just a sport, and that’s exactly what you did.








#4 Thanks For Listening To Me

Sometimes there were other things I needed to talk about rather than a sport. You were more than a coach, but a trusted person that I could confide in.  I wish I would have told030411_gk_lasallelyndenchristian_0595blopg-625x430 you how much I appreciated your willingness to listen. Today I miss you and the conversations that we used to have.


Benefits Athletes Take into the Real-World



As an athlete you’ll learn tips and tricks that will help you during a game but that’s not all. Those tips you learned while playing a sport can indeed be used on and off the court. There are life lessons that you can take away from your years of playing a sport.

#1 No Pain No Gain

Conditioning is rough and tough on the body, however, it’s an essential part of your growth and development in a sport. In life, you’ll encounter long work days, fast approaching deadlines and complicated customers, however, even though these circumstances that can be quite painful, you’ll be the one who pushes and perseveres through.   The best employees are the ones who can push themselves through and out of uncomfortable situations.  athletes2

#2 Teamwork produces “dream work”

Just like during the game, your job plays a huge role in the outcome of the win or loss for your team. If you don’t uphold your end then there is a domino effect that hurts the rest of the team. In your career, fulfilling your responsibilities is crucial for the successful outcomes of projects, orders and ultimately the company. Thankfully, as an athlete you have learned that team work does indeed produce “dream work” (win).

#3 Continual Learning

As an athlete you’re used to having a coach, someone who is constantly trying to increase your skills and talents but also giving you responsibilities and tasks to complete. When your sports career is over,  your new boss will do the same. Since you were an athlete, you’re used to receiving demands or constructive criticism and adapting yourself in order to be the best football-coach-cc1player you can be. Take your continual learning and adapting with you into the workforce. A worker who can  learn and adapt appropriately for a company is a highly favored employee.


#4 Always Focused on Goals

Hopefully your coach didn’t say ” All I want you to do is have fun this season, don’t work hard.” Coaches typically give their players a long term goal, whether it’s to win a tournament, beat a rivalry, be district champions or win state. Whatever the goal might be, you should recall how you worked as a team to accomplish it. In the workforce you should do the same, set goals and work together as a team to accomplish them. 20150512__8sportsp1

8 Reasons Why Supporting Local Businesses Is Important


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It’s the local business that calls you by name, remembers your favorite order or has your best interest at heart. It’s the local businesses who most frequently give back to the community in which you live. Ultimately, when you give to them…they give right back to you!

#1 Adds to the Unique Character of the Town 

Only when you’re out of town do you realize how much you value your hometown mom and pop shops. When owners call you by name and ask about your family you quickly understand that local stores are indeed special. Local businesses care more about establishing relationships with their customers rather than one-time transactions like most franchises.

#2 Increases Community Well-Being

 upcountry-51When a town has multiple neighboring local businesses, a strong town center is established. Local businesses can then form economic and social relationships. These businesses also contribute and support local causes/charities more frequently than chains.

#3 Decision Making is Centered Around The Community 

Unlike large corporations that are constantly building their stores in multiple cities without much hesitation, local companies take the time to ensure that huge decisions are conducted by  people who live in the city. Not just that, local shops consider individuals who will experience the impact of those decisions firsthand.

#4 Investing More Money Into The Community

Local businesses benefit the whole community because they are more inclined to share a larger revenue back into the local community. Therefore if you give to them, they will give back to you-by supporting causes and charities that matter most to you!

#5 Jobs & Wages

swansons-nursery-main-1020x680Local businesses create jobs which help employees establish meaningful relationships with other local business professionals within the community. In some instances, locally owned businesses can provide higher wages compared to chains.



#6 Entrepreneurship

Business minded entrepreneurs help drive our countries economy and innovation. Thanks to local business entrepreneurs, more jobs are being created and families within the community can turn from lower wage jobs.

#7 Public Benefits and Costs 

“Local stores in town centers require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls.”

– Stacy Mitchell

#8 Diverse Products 20150818_145535_32

When small local businesses create products of their interest and passion, consumers end up with a  range of high quality, innovative and one-of a kind products. Manufacturers can’t create these one-of- a kind products that are built with love like local businesses can.


*Please, tell us why else you like small businesses!





Characteristics of an AMAZING Coach

Whether it’s your first year coaching or you’ve been doing it for years, we’d like to inform you on some of the characteristics of successful coaches. Don’t you want to be someone’s favorite coach of all time? Take note of the following characteristics and you’ll be on your way to the world’s best coach!

#1 Build Trust

Trust is critical in all of our relationships, whether it’s with a spouse, best friend or boss. So if trust is important in those relationships, you better believe that trust is essential in the relationships with your players. Players are hesitant to follow you until they whole 4310-volleyballheartedly trust you. In order to receive a players full potential, give them the trust they need in order to succeed.

#2 Provide Positive Perspectives

Successful coaches predict thoughts and emotions that are produced by upcoming challenges. However, they don’t allow fear or worry to overcome their players. Instead, a great coach redirects their teams mindset, reminding players of their strengths rather than the odds that are against them.  locker-room-coach

#3 They Conduct the Orchestra 

As you know, an orchestra is composed of multiple instruments that end up making one beautiful sound. Each instrument plays differently but every musician is used in order to create a powerful sound. Now compare this to sports, the best coaches arrange a collection of individuals into a harmonious whole. Coaches understand which players perform better together and know where to place players where they will have the most vital impact for the team.

#4 Prepare Players Before Game Day

football20conditioningI’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Champions are made in the off-season” however, this is surprisingly true. Successful coaches prepare their players in advance before they actually have to compete. The best coaches condition their players not just physically with drills and killer exercises but mentally and emotionally.

#5 Expect Accountability and Provide Discipline

Successful coaches set expectations and standards for their athletes. Not just that, they constantly inspire and motivate their players to achieve and succeed these expectations. After providing expectations, a coach must have set guidelines  and or discipline ready to ensure players respect and honor their authority.


  • Tell us below what you’ve done in addition to these characteristics becoming a successful coach. We’d love to hear!