Coach, I Wish I Would Have Told You…


There were multiple times I dreaded coming to your practices. There were days when I didn’t want to hear your commands. There were times that I wanted to quit, however, looking back on our seasons together, I’m so glad I didn’t. In fact coach, I wish I would have told you this…

#1 Thanks For Pushing Me Beyond What I Imagined

Although I thought you were a bit extreme making us run suicide after suicide, I took away something valueable from your intense training. Thank you for showing me that I’m capable of pushing myself beyond my own personal limits. Without your constant dscn6133_w540motivation and support I wouldn’t have reached new heights and limits that I’ve accomplished today.





#2 Thanks For Seeing My Full Potential

I clearly remember in practices and games hearing you yell ” You got this, come on, come soccer-1-fbon, there ya go buddy! Great job!” You were that great coach who lost their voice multiple times during the season because of your loud support, encouragement, and passion your players full potential to be met.




#3 Thanks For Teaching Me Life Lessons

Although a lot of the phrases you said were cliche, I’m so glad you repeated them over and over, for those phrases relate to my life today. You taught me multiple life lessons, almost as much as my parents did.   For example, when you said “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” or ” No pain, no gain!”.  The best coaches teach you more than just a sport, and that’s exactly what you did.








#4 Thanks For Listening To Me

Sometimes there were other things I needed to talk about rather than a sport. You were more than a coach, but a trusted person that I could confide in.  I wish I would have told030411_gk_lasallelyndenchristian_0595blopg-625x430 you how much I appreciated your willingness to listen. Today I miss you and the conversations that we used to have.


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