EMS Player Of The Month: CJ Seay

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.00.59 PMOur Player of The Month is soon to be graduating with a 4.1 GPA, 30 ACT score, 28 college credits under his belt and plays a whopping five sports. Not just that, this extraordinary high schooler has big dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon.  Egelston Maynard Sports is proud to recognize CJ Seay, a senior from Scott High School as EMS Player Of The Month.

Most high schoolers excel in either one, maybe two sports, however, CJ has achieved athletic success in five sports. CJ plays soccer, baseball, basketball, football and track. image1 (2)

CJ began playing soccer at the age of four. As a 7th grader, CJ started playing at the high school level for Scott. CJ didn’t remain on the JV level for long, as a freshman CJ began playing goalie at the varsity level. During his junior year, his team made it to the Kentucky State Finals but unfortunately lost 6-4.

image2 (1)

CJ has been catching, pitching and occasionally playing first base for Scott’s baseball team since he was an 8th grader. The young man began playing at the varsity level sophomore year. The following year, the team went to the Kentucky State Tournament and made it to the final four.


CJ has been dribbling on the basketball court since his freshman year, the 6.3″ foot athlete helped his team make it to the regional finals in 2015. If three sports isn’t enough, CJ also is the kicker for Scott’s football team. CJ and the football team made it to the regional finals last year. Finally, CJ enjoys competing on the track team and running sprint relays.

After his upcoming graduation, CJ will be attending the University Of Kentucky to pursue Neuroscience Studies. He’d like to thank his parents for constantly motivating and pushing him to excel in the classroom first. Not just that, CJ is thankful that his parents support his athletic endeavors.

When CJ isn’t studying or playing sports, he is being a typical high schooler and simply hanging out with friends.

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Lifelong Messages Parents Send By Attending Kid’s Games

To you, a parent, sitting on the bleachers while your kid sits on a bleacher across the field, may seem like a waste of time. Or you could be that parent screaming at the top of your lungs, cheering your child on.  Whatever the scenario might be, when you’re physically present at their games, you’re doing way more than “wasting your time” or losing your voice. In fact, you’re sending positive messages that will last a lifetime.

As a kid, I didn’t necessarily understand the sacrifices my parents endured attending 95% of my games. To be quite honest, I appreciated them attending my games but didn’t think much of it. Today, I can see that my Mom and Dad traveled hundreds of miles from tournament to tournament, gave up countless hours for my enjoyment and handled all the monetary costs. They did whatever it took to support me and my endeavors. The lifelong lasting messages that my parents sent me by attending my games were:

1. You Are My Main Priority My Biggest Fan

2. I Will Be Here To Experience Wins and Losses With You


3.  I Really Care About Your Passions


4. I’m Proud of all Your Hard Work


5.  You’re My Pride and My Joy…I’m Your #1 Fan

Parents and grandparents supporting their favorite player.

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Breakdown of America’s Most Popular Sports

Ah sports, whether you’re watching or playing they’re a blast to be apart of. Sporteology has determined the “10 Most Popular Sports in America” so we decided to pass along the information.

#10 Badminton

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing game of badminton with family and friends!

#9 Motor Sports

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

#8 Professional Wrestling 

America loves watching WWE. Some of the most famous wrestlers are The Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold and Undertaker.

#7 Golf 

It’s the sport you can play for a lifetime! Golf is easy on the joints and relaxing for the soul.

#6 Tennis

It’s no wonder why the score starts out “Love All” in tennis…. it’s because everyone loves to play it.

#5 Soccer

It’s the most popular sport in the world, however, in America soccer places #5.

#4 Ice Hockey

Slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular indoor sports.

#3 Basketball

Hoop there it is! The majority of people love to watch and play basketball, that’s why it made #3 on America’s most popular sports.


#2 Baseball

“Take me out to the ball game…” there’s a reason why we sing this song at baseball games! That’s because everyone loves attending them.

#1 Football 

Fans either flood the stadium for the game, tailgate outside the field or throw a party at home. No matter the temperature or nasty weather, fans will always attend football games!



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