Breakdown of America’s Most Popular Sports

Ah sports, whether you’re watching or playing they’re a blast to be apart of. Sporteology has determined the “10 Most Popular Sports in America” so we decided to pass along the information.

#10 Badminton

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing game of badminton with family and friends!

#9 Motor Sports

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

#8 Professional Wrestling 

America loves watching WWE. Some of the most famous wrestlers are The Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold and Undertaker.

#7 Golf 

It’s the sport you can play for a lifetime! Golf is easy on the joints and relaxing for the soul.

#6 Tennis

It’s no wonder why the score starts out “Love All” in tennis…. it’s because everyone loves to play it.

#5 Soccer

It’s the most popular sport in the world, however, in America soccer places #5.

#4 Ice Hockey

Slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular indoor sports.

#3 Basketball

Hoop there it is! The majority of people love to watch and play basketball, that’s why it made #3 on America’s most popular sports.


#2 Baseball

“Take me out to the ball game…” there’s a reason why we sing this song at baseball games! That’s because everyone loves attending them.

#1 Football 

Fans either flood the stadium for the game, tailgate outside the field or throw a party at home. No matter the temperature or nasty weather, fans will always attend football games!



Images provided by google. To learn more about america’s most popular sports go HERE

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