Lifelong Messages Parents Send By Attending Kid’s Games

To you, a parent, sitting on the bleachers while your kid sits on a bleacher across the field, may seem like a waste of time. Or you could be that parent screaming at the top of your lungs, cheering your child on.  Whatever the scenario might be, when you’re physically present at their games, you’re doing way more than “wasting your time” or losing your voice. In fact, you’re sending positive messages that will last a lifetime.

As a kid, I didn’t necessarily understand the sacrifices my parents endured attending 95% of my games. To be quite honest, I appreciated them attending my games but didn’t think much of it. Today, I can see that my Mom and Dad traveled hundreds of miles from tournament to tournament, gave up countless hours for my enjoyment and handled all the monetary costs. They did whatever it took to support me and my endeavors. The lifelong lasting messages that my parents sent me by attending my games were:

1. You Are My Main Priority My Biggest Fan

2. I Will Be Here To Experience Wins and Losses With You


3.  I Really Care About Your Passions


4. I’m Proud of all Your Hard Work


5.  You’re My Pride and My Joy…I’m Your #1 Fan

Parents and grandparents supporting their favorite player.

 To nominate an outstanding player, go HERE.

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