EMS Player Of The Month: Alex Shea

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We’re proud to recognize Alex Shea, a freshman basketball & baseball player from St. Henry District High School as our Player Of The Month. We’ve chosen Alex not because of his huge athletic success but because he is a true fighter on and off the court. Our courageous player of the month is fighting a current battle that he nor his family ever expected. His recent journey has given him a new outlook and respect for life. Not just that, Alex’s story reminds us how blessed most of us are to play sports daily. Therefore, we can’t thank Alex enough for sharing his story with us!

Alex started playing sports at the age of five. His father, Brian Shea, a formIMG_0046er NKU basketball player passed on his love of basketball to his son. This past school year, Alex played basketball and baseball as a freshman. This young man is that type of       player who gives it all and supports his team unconditionally. During his Freshman basketball season, he recorded stats, attended every practice and contributed to his teams winning season. On the baseball field, Alex played on the freshman team as the team’s pitcher and occasionally in the out-field. The St. Henry freshman baseball team had a 10-6 record.

Earlier this year on Friday, April 22nd, Alex’s life drastically changed. Alex expected a normal day and went to school, however, because he wasn’t feeling good he decided to visit the doctor for a fast check up (Alex was hoping to play in his baseball game that night).   In a matter of 2 hours, life as Alex knew it was no longer the same.  Our Player Of The Month was unfortunately diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Since April 22nd, Alex has spent time at Children’s Hospital instead of school or on the baseball field, fighting cancer. Alex is currently undergoing chemotherapy.   His aunt, Maureen Kaiser told EMS that:

IMG_0047“Alex is taking the challenge in a strong, mature manner.  With his faith, family and his friends, I am sure Alex will be a winner.  He is a fighter! As his aunt and SHDHS volleyball coach, I know the positive attitude and work ethic that Alex has will make him be back on that pitching mound before we know it. ”

Alex told EMS that this journey has:

“Given me a new perspective on life. Now, I don’t take for granted the opportunity of playing sports. Right now, I can’t play sports and now I appreciate the times that I was able too.”


Alex’s team members wearing jerseys with “Shea” and Alex’s number 23. 

The picture above shows just how supportive the community has been, Alex’s father told EMS that

“This photo was really special to the Shea Family. His summer baseball team was playing in a tournament Memorial Day Weekend.  Ironically it was called ‘Striking Out Cancer’.  Alex was in the hospital that week and came to the game on Sunday and this is what he saw when he walked on the field.  Special shirts were made in his honor from the baseball team-At The Yard coached by Brandon Berger.”

Alex truly appreciates the support from his parents, friends and the community. Alex’s long term goal is to play collegiate basketball or baseball- his dream school being Notre Dame. However, right now his main focus is getting cancer free.

Alex Shea, is an extraordinary and courageous young man. Egelston Maynard Sports would like friends, family and the entire community to congratulate him. Please help us by sharing our story of Alex Shea.


If you’re interested in nominating a player for EMS Player Of The Month go HERE.








How To Properly Stay Hydrated During The Summer

Since the summer heat is kicking in, it’s crucial that everyone kicks in water hydration habits to ensure healthy living. Keeping the body hydrated allows the heart to more easily pump blood, resulting in muscles that work more efficiently. Without proper hydration, dehydration can increase chances of swollen feet, headaches and life threatening illnesses such as a heat stroke.  Below, you can find tips on how to stay properly hydrated during the hotter months of the year.

  1. Prevent Yourself From Becoming Thirsty-thirst is a sign that your body is dehydrateddrinking-water-filter-singapore-1235578_960_720
  2. Monitor Urine Color– urine should be pale yellow rather than dark yellow.
  3. Drink water before, during and after exercising.
  4. Drink water & sports drink when exercising in extreme heat or for longer than one hour-be sure to include a sports drink that has necessary electrolytes and 6-8% carbohydrates. Including a sports drink in your extreme workout prevents “hyponatremia” from taking place, which can dilute your blood and cause severe impairment or even death.
  5. Don’t drink alcohol the day before or the day of intense exercise.
  6. Eat lots of fruits and veggies- not only do they contain a great amount of vitamins but also water.
  7.  Weigh Yourself Before and After Workout- Weigh yourself in order to see the amount of water that was lost during your workout. For every pound lost after your workout, drink three cups of liquid.

For more information on staying hydrated go HERE


High Calorie Burning Summer Exercises

Summer is here! That means your workouts no longer have to be boring or dull. In fact, the following workout recommendations will allow you to burn numerous calories while partaking in adventurous summer activities. Get out of of the gym, enjoy the fresh air, sunlight and scenery while burning the same if not more calories with the following workouts.


The American Council On Exercise has discovered that:16357-a-young-woman-kayaking-on-a-lake-pv

  • A 125lb person burns 283 calories per hour kayaking
  • A 150lb person burns 340 calories per hour kayaking
  • A 175lb person burns 397 calories per hour kayaking
  • A 200lb person burns 454 calories per hour kayaking


Treading Water

Treading water not only allows you to cool off  but is extremely easy on the joints; more importantly, it can burn some serious calories. An hour of water treading can burn up to 600 calories. woman-in-water






With the sunlight staying out longer during the summer months, it’s the best time to take your friends and family on a hike with you.  An hour scenic hike can burn up to the following calories: ( don’t forget most people hike for more than an hour!)hike-863454_960_720

  • A 130lb person can burn 354 calories hiking an hour.
  • A 155lb person can burn 422 calories hiking an hour.
  • A 180lb person can burn 490 calories hiking an hour.
  • A 205lb person can burn 558 calories hiking an hour.



Grab your bikes and let’s go on a leisure bike ride. A rather simple bike ride can burn up to 745 calories per hour. In fact: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • A 130lb person can burn 472 calories cycling per hour.
  • A 155lb person can burn 563 calories cycling per hour.
  • A 180lb person can burn 654 calories cycling per hour.
  • A 205lb person can burn 745 calories cycling per hour.


To see other exercises and the calories burnt while participating in them simply click HERE. Otherwise, have a happy & healthy summer!