Player of the Month: Mason Welsch

IMG_5158In today’s world, a majority of children & teens are constantly glued to cell phones, iPads, computers or the Xbox. Because of this, we don’t see children as often riding their bike down the street, throwing a football with their neighbor, or tossing a baseball with a parent in the front yard. To be honest, we miss seeing this! At Egelston Maynard Sports, we want to acknowledge and celebrate athletes who put a generous amount of time & effort into their sport & the classroom. That’s why, this month, we are thrilled to announce Mason Welsch, from Highlands High School, as our Player of the Month.

On a sunny and warm day in April, Mason was sitting behind home plate as the catcher for his club team, the Red Stars. It was the bottom of the ninth inning; Mason wiped his sweat, extended his glove, and caught the dusty baseball that ended a no-hitter game! One of Mason’s other greatest accomplishments was a walk-off home run. At only 15, Mason is already being recruited by Indiana University – we are impressed!Mason Welsch catcher

Mason is a sophomore and currently plays football and baseball for Highlands High School. His primary baseball position is catcher, secondary is 2nd base, and he averages a 440 batting average. As you may already know, Highlands High School has an outstanding baseball program. The Highlands baseball team has won regionals the last three years, and multiple players get recruited to play at the collegiate level. In fact, previous Highlands Baseball Player, Drew Rom, signed as a senior to play in the MLB. Mason has been playing for the Highlands Baseball team since he was an eighth-grader. While playing for the team, Mason said he has learned “ It’s not a one-man sport, you can’t let each other down. If someone makes a bad play, shake it off. You got it next time!”

Mason HittingAs far as goals go, Mason hopes Highlands baseball team will win the regional championship, and then state! He would like to thank his father, Kevin, for being his #1 fan. We had the privilege of meeting Kevin, who said the following about his son.

“I’m so proud of Mason’s dedication and hard work that he puts into baseball. The balance he has between sports and schoolwork is impressive. As his father, I couldn’t be more proud of him!”

– Kevin Welsch

When Mason isn’t playing baseball, he enjoys hanging out with friends, shooting basketball, snowboarding, hunting, and 4-wheeling. 

Please help us congratulate Mason for being our player of the month! If you know an extraordinary athlete and student, please nominate them today!


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